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Obesity Yoga

Everyone is talking about obesity? The term is quiet viral now.. it has become very easy to be obese. You don’t have to eat more to be over Weight .

What ?? You don’t believe me
Yes you heard it right !
Weight gain can be a result of many medical causes like genetic, hormonal imbalance, menstrual abnormalities and not just excessive eating.
Fasting, intensive workouts, bariatric surgery, and medications can be the most harmful means or weight reduction. It might give the temporary solution but can cause a long term health problem.
To treat obesity it is very important to treat the cause.
Our yoga centre is run by a doctor who would help you identify your reason behind obesity and will guide you the healthy way of weight reduction.
We provide such a diet plan which will never make your body deprived of required nutrients but will fasten the weight reduction.
We believe in reducing 1% of total body weight a week.
Regular yoga practice will help you for gradual but sustainable weight loss for a long duration.
Join us not because the society demands you to be slim but because your body deserves to be seen fit and healthy.

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– Dr. Kalyani Phadke

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Welcome to the only comprehensive Therapeutic Yoga training center in Navi Mumbai Dr. Kalyani’s Therapeutic Yoga Center.
We offer yoga classes in Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

Yoga is not just an exercise

Yoga ?
Please do not directly jump on a conclusion .Conclusions like yoga is a kind of exercise? No it isn’t just an exercise . Yoga is something like what you get in buy one get many free offers. Yoga can never have a one dimensional benefit. Even though it looks simple many scientific studies showed its multidimensional effect.
This concept of therapeutic yoga was firstly introduced by Dr. K S Aynagar in second half of 20th century . But nobody actually did study yoga well to use it as a medicine . He lived up to 95 years healthier and happier. isn’t that enough to prove the wonders of therapeutic yoga ?
Dont get confused ! Therapeutic yoga is a science which can be used to cure problems like joint pain, back pain, PCOD as well as major lifestyle disorders like obesity, Diabetes, high blood pressure and many more.
Together Is not just an exercise. It is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual activities which if practiced well can lead you to a better health.
Get a yoga training from doctors who know whats best for your body rather than just by a yoga trainer. We offer

Yoga Classes for Obesity

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Yoga classes for weight gain

Yoga for particular diseases like diabetes,

PCOD, Joint Pains. We also specialize in acupuncture, electrotherapy & diet consultation.

What’s the safest thing about yoga ??

There is never a harm doing it . You are always in benefit . Just make sure you practice it properly. And this is where our yoga institute stands differently.

Don’t spoil your body by doing excessive exercise, over consumption of medications and unnecessary surgeries. Become a part of research based yoga training program.
Contact Dr. Kalyani : 76205 95613

Note – Do not copy above article for commercial use without informing us.

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