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Yoga Classes in Navi Mumbai – Nerul
by Dr. Kalyani Phadke


Dr. Kalyani’s therapeutic Yoga Classes and Acupuncture Center

Since few decades there are many fitness clubs coming up with a variety of exercises. There are n number of websites who provide n number of exercises practices. Yet Excessive availability of resources has misled many. Wrong practice of yoga has disappointed people and lead to an misconception that yoga can not cure us.

Future of yoga is here. Join the best yoga classes in Mumbai.


Loose it or Gain it!

Your weight will be in your control.

Don’t workout because society demands you too be slim, but do it because your body deserves Love, respect and healthy attention.
Join us and get ready to wear your best outfit ever. Enhance your body to reduce weight faster with a perfect practice of yoga. Probably its an only better option. Join the best therapeutic yoga classes in Nerul ( Navi Mumbai )


Heal via food !

Let your fat burn like a Fuel.

One can not live well if he hasn’t dined healthy. Diet doesn’t necessarily only include food and eating, but it’s about how and when you eat and what you think and feel while you eat. Learn the mindful way of eating to get cured from variety of disease like diabetes. Your best diet expert is here. Join us to heal via food !


Learn Yoga from a doctor.

Your body has everything you needed to get well. Give it a chance by practicing scientific research based yoga practices with us. Its not only a yoga training but a professional well personalized yoga module for each one of you. Welcome to fit, fierce and fabulous you.


Yoga classes for weight loss

Weight Loss Yoga Class

Today’s busy world dominated by technology. As a result, physical activity is reduced to an extent that almost all the age groups are suffering from obesity or excessive weight gain. Yoga works on all the aspects of lifestyle and certainly proves to be a healthy way to reduce weight and restore to normal body shape. “Our main goal is to treat personal as a whole”. We offer a complete eye opening guide and yoga training with the help of yoga trainer and health care professional to reduce and then maintain moderate weight.


Yoga Classes for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder therefore it can be prevented as well as managed by lifestyle modification. Our yoga classes offer a training of group of yoga practices which help to improve insulin uptake by different body cells. Diabetes can further cause multiple other disease like hypertension, nephropathy and nephropathy. We can offer a healthy lifestyle plan to avoid further complications of diabetes. We provide a research based diet plan to manage diabetes. Our yoga trainer and doctor will provide a deep insight about how to manage your life style likewise how to inculcate different healthy habits to lead a healthy life .


Pregnancy yoga classes in navi mumbai

Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Nerul

Pregnancy is the most delicate stage of a woman’s life. It is said that giving a birth to a child is the rebirth of a woman herself. We offer a type of yoga which helps to develop a potential in mother to undergo a healthy and easy delivery. We offer different stress relieving yoga training as well as spiritual and intellectual talks given by a medical doctor. Pregnancy diet counseling is one of our services we offer. We offer meditation for pregnancy for the mental developments of a child in womb. We offer Safer and heather and scientific pregnancy yoga training at our yoga class.


Yoga classes in nerul

Lifestyle Yoga Classes in Nerul

We are living in probably the most polluted city ” Mumbai “. As a result, excessive pollution and food adulteration, lifestyle has become the main cause of illness. For the reason that increasing stress levels one can not work efficiently and practice day to day activities effectively. We offer a yoga that deals with stress and provide you more mental and physical relaxation. Our yoga doctor teaches a yoga which includes different Asanas, relaxation techniques and a set of breathing practices which will help you to improve immunity and with reduction of stress a happy lifestyle.


kids yoga classes

Yoga Classes for Kids ( Growing ups )

We offer an comprehensive yoga and diet teachings to the young boys and girl. The goal is to create more awareness and inculcate a kind of discipline. So it will help them to lead a healthy future. Our yoga trainer will be teaching yoga which will improve concentration. Most noteworthy benefit, it will enhances physical growth and will also help your child to use his complete potential to good at studies and other activities.


yoga classes for women in nerul

Yoga for women

Woman’s body is said to be the most complex one because it undergoes variety of Hormonal Changes throughout their lifespan.
Yoga is said to be very healthy for woman who undergo menstrual problems.
We offer yoga coupled with specialized diet plan to deal with menstrual abnormalities.
Our doctor and yoga trainer mainly focus on Increased weight, acne, irregularity of menstruation and painful menstruation, which are always troubling woman’s day to day life. We have separate batches for yoga classes for women.


yoga classes for back pain

Therapeutic yoga

There are no classes which offer yoga practice for diseases. We offer you a yoga practice which will help you for the faster and healthier recovery. Back pain, knee arthritis, hypertension are the examples of some of the diseases which can be managed with the help of yoga training.
Our yoga doctor will also provide you a diet plan to enhance recovery.


Best things about our yoga training

Therapeutic yoga training

Our classes offer a yoga training which focuses on :

  1. Pain management
  2. Relieving muscular tension
  3. Increasing joint mobility
  4. Reducing stress levels so as to reduce blood pressure
  5. Strengthening ligaments and tendons
  6. Improvement in breathing patter
  7. Improving blood flow for better function of a body parts/organs.


Yoga techniques for daily practice

Our yoga training mainly focuses on body weight balancing (reduction/ sustainability/ gaining) stress reduction, immunity enhancement, development of a presentable personality by shaping body in the healthiest way, Prevention of psychosomatic diseases, attainment of mood stability. So to help the body a way to heal on its own.


Yoga for growing ups

Our yoga training mainly helps the growing ups to stay active throughout the day, increase concentration, help to improve thinking, stay calm but active. It also focuses on increasing height and weight, keeping the body flexible and strong, improve digestion and appetite.
Our main goal is to educate the growing ups about their body, inculcating exercise as a healthy habit and providing awareness about benefits of good health.


Pregnancy Yoga

We provide a yoga training which is scientific and mainly helps to reduce physical as well as

  1. mental stress
  2. relieves indigestion
  3. balances blood pressure

helps to relax the body and improves breathing and prepares the body for a easier labor. We educate woman for a easier and healthier


Obesity/ belly yoga

We believe in Reducing the stubborn body fat by healthy means. Our yoga training mainly focuses on improving the fat mobilization process, burning down fat storage by systematic practices, practices that balance metabolism, improve digestion and relieve constipation. We also provide a service which helps you reduce weight by using an appropriate diet plan.


Affordable cost

There are many fitness centres which provide variety of different fitness practices. But You will not find a place where yoga is taught scientifically with the help of a doctor . We are offering you a practice of yoga which is scientifically proven for the better result. We provide a personal attention and yoga which is designed to attain desired effects. Yoga that can be practiced for certain disease management.


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