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Do you know what’s obesity?

It is one of the major metabolic disorders which is caused due to the excessive consumption and accumulation of under-utilized fat. When the fat utilization is disturbed, it tends to get accumulated in the various areas, such as different tissues, body cells, arteries and organs of the body.

Now the question arises :What’s a metabolic disorder?

Any unhealthy chemical reaction which interrupts the normal physiological metabolism causes a disorder which is considered as a metabolic disorder.


Why one shouldn’t be obese?

When such fat is accumulated in the body cells it interrupts the normal functioning of an organ which can lead to heart attack, diabetes, cancer and stroke like sever problems. Out of which heart attack, cancer, and stroke are said to be the leading causes of death in the world.
Moreover obesity is not about the disease but about the personality too.

Does only eating more cause obesity?

The answer is big NO

There are different dimensions of what causes a person to be obese. Following are the most observed causes
1. It can be genetic : But how long will you continue to be obese due to your genes is something we must think off?
2. It can be hormonal : this kind of pattern is basically seen in female more often than males
3. Sedentary lifestyle and wrong food habits: eating habits play an important role in managing weight gain.
4. It could be due to any other underlying disorder: such as due to any accidental injury, osteoarthritis or any surgical procedures which restricts your daily physical movements

There are many more other contributing factors too, such as alcoholism( mainly beer drinking), stress.

The psychological burden.

More than falling ill obesity makes a person lose confidence. This intern affects the efficacy of concentration to work. Public appearances become difficult and rare day by day. Human to human Interactions further become difficult to practice and relationships get distant.
More than anybody else judging the obese person, the person himself becomes so judgmental about his own body and social lifestyle.

Stop being judgmental and start getting into action

Self love and care are the only means to lead a healthy, successful life.
There are many ways to deal obesity. One should be wise and keen enough to chose a healthy way of reducing weight.

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What’s the best way to cut down weight ?

A well planned diet which will help you to manage calories but will give you required nutrition. Regular practice of yoga to burn your fat in a systematic healthy way. Results vary person to person but if you really wish to give yourself a chance !

Just try it.

Why not only diet?

Just like any other engine our body needs energy on regular basis. Even if our body has sufficient energy storage, it takes a lot of chemical reaction to convert that stored form of energy into a form of energy which can be used.
Different organs to function properly need, not only energy(calories) but variety of nutrients.
Further, a body deprived of nutrition can fall sick way more easily.
So, fasting isn’t the only solution to weight loss.

Why not only yoga?

Imagine you sweat but it doesn’t make any difference because how much ever calories you burnt you consume more than that?
Something that is more should be cut down.

Why yoga is a healthier choice?

There are many other forms of exercises to reduce weight such as Gymming, Swimming, Zumba so on and so forth.
They even show you a faster results. No doubt about that. But the fact that scientists have observed is these forms of exercises give a symptomatic solution but does not cure the root cause of obesity.
Like I said before fat accumulation happens all over the body. Just the rate of accumulation differs. Areas like abdomen and buttock are the places where it is primarily accumulated and visible.
It is very important that the fat should be mobilized and burnt from every part and cell of the body. This is where the uniqueness of yoga comes in spotlight.
When we practice yoga the process of fat burning and it’s mobilization and utilization happens on cellular level. Which means that yoga involves each and every cell, organ of your body in the process of weight reduction unlike any other practices.
Don’t you think making your whole body work in one direction is the best way to weight reduction?

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