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Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Diet & Nutrition

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

As the saying goes “ you are what you eat”. the same way“ your baby is what you eat, think, and feel during pregnancy”.
Isn’t it interesting that the physical, neurological and emotional development of your baby is in your hands.
The later development of a baby is completely correlated with what happens when it is inside the womb. How fascinating it is to know that you are the shaper of your babies future.
Diet plays a major role during pregnancy. All the nutrients consumed have a special role to play. The digestive abilities and abortion if the nutrients is completely altered during this sensitive period of time which makes it harder for a mother and her family to chose proper diet. At such time it is always better to consult a doctor who is having enough knowledge about diet and the physical activity to be done.

pregnancy yoga classes

Weight & pregnancy.

It is very often that we see woman even after pregnancy tend to carry the same weight gained. This could be due to improper diet followed during pregnancy. Woman often relay on the dietary guidelines Given by elderly people from the house. Sometime the advice given might sound difficult to follow. All of this advice can seem overwhelming. Such food changes might aggravate the conditions like nausea, vomiting, constipation and decreased appetite.

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Happy Pregnancy !

As the time era changes food habits, nutritional value of the food doesn’t remain same. Every body is different and henceforth the diet which was followed a decade ago can not be right to provide all the requirements necessary for the development of healthy baby as well as to tackle with the problems that occur during the pregnancy.
Problems like increased blood sugar during pregnancy( gestational diabetes) Increased blood pressure during pregnancy( eclampsia, preeclampsia) can be more difficult to handle because of restrictions over the spectrum of medications to be given is very limited. Consumption of medications during pregnancy can harm the baby and further lead to chosen by doctors is the best way to handle such problems. We help you here to plan a diet according to your health status.

Dr. Kalyani Phadke

It’s is very hard to have three heavy meals a day in later pregnancy. To provide required amount of nutrition the diet should be divided in small meals for a easier digestion, and to avoid abdominal discomfort. Our doctors will help you to eat efficiently.
Join us to enjoy healthy and happy motherhood.

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