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With excessive pollution and food adulteration, sedentary lifestyle has become the main cause of illness. With the increasing stress levels one can not work efficiently and practice day to day activities effectively. We offer a yoga that deals with stress and provide you more mental and physical relaxation.

Our yoga doctor teaches a yoga which includes different Asanas, relaxation techniques and a set of breathing practices which will help you to improve immunity and with reduction of stress a happy lifestyle.

Yoga classes in nerul

Wish to learn a style of yoga which is completely focused on bringing balance- physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Yoga is a better option.
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We offer a Systematic practice of various asanas along with weekly meditation and relaxation practices to restore energy.

Let it be an obesity yoga or therapeutic yoga, the series yogic practices designed in such way to nourish and improve the flow of Prana throughout the body.
According to the ancient texts of yoga, our body consists of a life force which is referred as prana. Any stagnation in the flow of prana leads to stress, lethargy and diseased conditions. The main reason people often feel tired after small duration of work is basically due to exhaustion of this Pranic energy.
Most often we happen to ignore the importance of health. Only when we are completely disabled to perform day to day activities peacefully we tend to think about our health. We spend a lot of time trying to revert our health back to how it was, which isn’t easy and possible.
With a lot of stress and loss of sleep our immunity gets suppressed to an great extent. Our immunity is something which is inborn and can not be developed with the help of medications. Our body has its own capacity to Produce immunity. Yoga stimulates, accelerates and supports the body to correct its immunity.
give your body and mind another chance. an hour of daily yoga practice and prevent yourself from spending lots and lots of your precious time and money on health care.
Join us and give you body the attention and love it deserves.

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